Vegan Jewelry Ideas – Kind Accessories for Conscious Buyers

Vegan Jewelry Ideas  Kind Accessories for Conscious BuyersVeganism began as a movement of eating plant-based foods. Now, veganism has evolved into a full-fledged lifestyle, and conscious consumers are eager on the lookout for the next vegan commodity. From vegan beauty products to clothing to fast food, vegans around the globe have proven that eating plant-based isn't just reserved for your plate. Veganism is a lifestyle, which leads us nicely into the topic on the table today: vegan jewelry. Whether you are new to veganism or a green-leaf veteran, you can exercise ethics, animal rights, and advocacy by wearing the vegan jewelry ideas in this article.

About Vegan Jewelry

The origins of veganism reach back to ancient India and Greece. While many might easily make the mistake of thinking veganism is a new trend, it's been around for centuries. In its earliest stages, veganism was vegetarianism and aligned directly with the Buddhist and Hindu belief that humans and animals are equal. Fast forward to the twentieth century when, in 1944, the Vegan Society was born. Through the centuries, veganism has adapted and evolved, gaining widespread and mainstream notoriety. Celebs like Miley Cyrus and Joaquin Phoenix are famous vegans.

If we take a step out of the kitchen, it's easy to see how many lifestyle areas require attention and research — shopping for a leather belt or eyeing some blue suede shoes? Better double-check that the belt is vegan-leather and the shoes are human-made suede. While some reserve their veganism for food alone, others prefer to ensure all areas of their life are cruelty-free.

So, are you looking to broaden your vegan jewelry collection? Veganism is a mainstream way of life, and vegan jewelry falls into two categories: vegan-themed jewelry and vegan materials.

Cruelty-Free Jewelry Materials

The jewelry marketplace contains a myriad of unique designs. Jewelry designers continuously push the envelope of convention, but some traditional non-vegan materials remain popular. As such, you'll want to get acquainted with vegan jewelry materials, as well as non-vegan materials.

Non-Vegan Jewelry Materials

The following materials fall into the category of unethical, or non-vegan:

  • Leather - Genuine leather is a product of cows, and it's no secret that leather is one of the most popular materials in the world. With the rise in veganism, more designers are incorporating substitutes like vegan-leather into their items.

  • Elephant Ivory, Hair and Leather Goods - The ivory trade has strict regulations to protect elephants, but poaching is still a huge problem. The population of African and Asian elephants remains compromised due to poaching for elephant hair, skin and ivory. As you can see, avoiding all elephant materials is the safest way to protect these remarkable animals.

  • Pearls - This item might come as a surprise to some, but pearls are, in fact, the byproduct of oysters and mussels.

  • Suede - As soft and fuzzy as this material is, suede comes from the skin of lamb, baby cows, or deer. Bracelets and necklace strings are commonly of suede, so check to ensure the material is vegan-suede before purchasing.

  • Silk Ribbon isn't vegan because it comes from insect larvae created by the silkworm. Fortunately, there are vegan-silks available.

Now that we've got the non-vegan materials out of the way, let's explore some of the fun vegan jewelry options available to you!
Vegan Jewelry Ideas

Vegan Jewelry Materials

If you buy jewelry made from metals, you don't have to worry about whether or not they are cruelty-free. Of course, you'll still want to double-check that all pendants, decorations, and embellishments are free of animal products. Here are some popular choices for vegan jewelry materials:

  • Vegan leather - We live in an era of alternatives, and when it comes to leather, there's a substitute just as good that doesn't hurt animals. Vegan leather looks just like real leather, so you'll need to verify with the manufacturer that it's vegan. In general, this cruelty-free jewelry material is made from cork. Because cork is such a lightweight material, wearing vegan leather is comfortable and durable.

  • Waxed Linen is a conditioned linen thread that's great for twining and threading jewelry items like beads together.

  • Hemp Twine is a twisted cord perfect for crafts and jewelry making and is entirely made from hemp -- a vegan material.

  • Black Rubber - You might think rubber is reserved for tires and commercial use, but it makes lovely jewelry bands and necklaces!

Vegan Jewelry Trends

Veganism isn't just an eating habit or fad -- it's a belief system and lifestyle. Many designers picked up on the popularity of veganism and the result is a variety of stylish vegan jewelry items! Here's a look at some of our favorites:
Vegan Jewelry Ideas

Fruit and Vegetable Jewelry

If you eat a plant-based diet, why not flaunt it? Fruit and veggie jewelry designs are a fun, quirky and playful way to declare your love of greens. Some of the most popular vegan jewelry designs include avocados, coconuts, bananas and strawberries. In fact, avocados have become the poster child for veganism. Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? Regardless: it's vegan!

Vegan Quotes

Many vegans aren't shy about their beliefs and ethics, and the trend of wearing vegan quotes has grown popular. Vegan jewelry with quotes appears on engraved pendants, bracelets and rings. Some of the most famous vegan sayings include:

  • Eat plants not animals

  • Be kind to animals

  • Vegan AF

  • Plant-based

  • Plant-powered

  • Live kindly

  • Vegan

Palm leaves and plants

If you prefer a more subtle aesthetic, plants and leaves are excellent vegan jewelry options! Designs include palm leaf necklace pendants and earrings with leaves in the shape of a V for "vegan."

Choosing Vegan Made Jewelry Items

Vegan jewelry promotes solidarity among animal rights activists, but also adds a personalized touch to your wardrobe that reflects your beliefs and ethics. As with any vital lifestyle choice, being vegan is an identity. Whether you choose to wear vegan earrings or a vegan necklace pendant, your jewelry will be cruelty-free, just like you!


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