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topaz jewelryTopaz is the November Birthstone. Birthstones harbor a lot of meaning, beauty, and color. But out of the twelve stones, the stone for the month of November beats them all.

If you’re a gemstone collector, or even a gem enthusiast, you know no set is complete without the magnificent November birthstone. But what do you really know about the November birthstone?

The Topaz is the stone that symbolizes being born during the month of November. Many people always assume a Topaz is just a transparent gold and yellow stone, but that’s not always the case. The November birthstone can come in many colors, such as blue, light green and even pink.

The name Topaz actually originated from a Greek word that meant to shine. It also gave the hint of an implication of fire. Greeks from way back in the day felt that the now November birthstone actually gave them power and strength. It was said that the Topaz could ward off certain aliments, and even a death that was rather sudden!

Caring For Topaz Jewelry

Everyone loves having birthstone jewelry, but how do you take care of a pair of birthstone topaz earrings? or Topaz pendants ,There are certain rules and guidelines you must follow to the letter in order to ensure the well being of your gems. Always remember to wipe off your stone with a dirt-free, soft, wet piece of cloth after you’ve worn it. By remembering to do this you’ll be ensuring that beautiful shine never dies. Storing your November birthstone in a small, smooth bag helps keep oils and dirt away from your stone.

topaz earrings

When you’re wearing your birthstone jewelry such as topaz pendants make sure you do everything in your power to keep them away from salt water. Remember that sweat is basically salt water, so it’s never a good idea to wear your pieces when you anticipate a raised body temperature. Hard compounds and chemicals like chlorine can harm your November birthstone by eroding away its finish and polish.

Detergents are also rather harmful and can act in the same manor that chlorine does. Be sure to never apply hair products, such as hairspray or hair glitter, when wearing your November birthstone. It’s important you apply all scents and toiletries before you put your gems on.

topaz ring

While it’s true that the Topaz rings a gemstone, and thus has the ability to last for generations, it’s always important to handle them with care. They are very durable, but have the capability of breaking if handled poorly. It’s also very important to keep your gems and stones separated when you store them. Never let one stone touch another for the simple fact that they could scratch each other. A November birthstone is very beautiful, so it’s important to take proper care of them.

Jewellery are significant addition with your attire and a perfect complement to the general beauty of an individual. They are not simple objects that are used to worn to beautify the appearance of a person; rather, they give significantly to the totality of their personality. There is nothing like using topaz ring to a particular occasion and fascinating eyeballs towards you.

topaz bracelet

Among all jewelleries used around the world, topaz has always been the finest and most eye-catching jewelry piece you can own.

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