Bezel Engagement Ring Setting - Pros and Cons

Bezel Engagement Ring Setting - Pros and ConsIf you’re browsing engagement ring inspo or planning to pop the question, you’ll no doubt take notice of the second most popular engagement setting style available: the bezel.

What makes the bezel so special? The minimal, sleek setting highlights the stone with a stylish metal frame. It’s a simple and timeless design that provides durability and protection to your precious center stone.

Fun fact: the bezel engagement ring setting is the oldest style available! That said, its traditional style is thriving with modern designs.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of bezel engagement ring settings. This guide will help you better understand this classic ring setting and help you make the best decision when choosing an engagement ring.

The Benefits of Bezel Engagement Rings

Here are some top reasons why the bezel engagement ring setting is an attractive choice.

Bezel Engagement Rings Protect Your Center Stone

Out of all the engagement ring settings available, the bezel is by far the most protective. Why? The bezel setting gently envelops the precious stone, protecting it from damage. This means that when you wear a bezel ring setting, it’s more resistant to hard surfaces it may come into contact with.

Bezel rings provide excellent protection for your center stone, making it a great choice for those who work with their hands.

Bezel Engagement Ring Setting - Pros and Cons

Furthermore, the setting holds the diamond securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about the stone falling out or chipping. The metal wraps around the stone’s crown, holding it securely in place.

The bezel setting completely encircles the stone providing a layer of protection, unlike prong settings which only hold the stone in a few places.

Diamonds are a hard stone, however if you have a soft gemstone such as pearl or opal, the bezel setting will provide better protection than a prong setting.

Practical and secure

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, however a diamond that sits too high and gets caught on clothing or hair can quickly become her worst enemy.

A bezel setting is situated lower, meaning it won’t snag or get caught on things throughout the day.

Ultimately, a bezel setting is a no-fuss design. It’s a great choice for an active lifestyle or people who heavily rely on their hands for work such as artists, nurses or chefs.

The Cons of Bezel Engagement Rings

While some might love the simplicity of the bezel engagement ring setting, others might feel limited in design options and other various factors. Here are some of the cons of bezel engagement rings.

Less Sparkly and Minimizes Center Stone

The biggest drawback of bezel engagement rings has to do with the diamond’s sparkle. When dreaming of engagement rings, many people desire that infamous sparkle only a diamond can reflect.

However, the full bezel setting completely encircles the center stone, effectively limiting the amount of light entering the stone’s sides. In the case of ring settings, less light means less sparkle. That said, light enters the top of the stone and reflects gorgeous sparkles back out through the top. While the sparkle might be less than a more visible stone setting, it will still sparkle nonetheless.

When shopping for bezel engagement rings, be sure that the top of the diamond isn’t restricted by the bezel, that way you can still get that sparkle you desire and love.

When compared to a prong setting, the diamond is less visible, can look smaller and less sparkly. If you love the bezel setting and don’t want your diamond or stone to look smaller, choose a higher setting where the stone is prominent and the bezel isn’t too thick.

Cleaning a Bezel Setting

Due to the shallow design of the bezel setting, dirt can build up between the bezel and the stone. Unfortunately, this can make cleaning more complex. However, you can clean a bezel setting with soapy warm water and a soft brush.

If there is dirt or grime you can’t remove from home cleaning, you can always take it to your jeweler for a thorough annual cleaning—which is a great idea with any jewelry item.

Types of Bezel Ring Settings

Now that we know about the bezel engagement ring pros and cons, let’s look at some of the most popular bezel settings.

Full Bezel Setting

A full bezel setting is a design where the metal completely wraps the center stone. This setting style provides ultimate protection and security to the stone. Round bezel settings are extremely popular and timeless.

However, with a full bezel setting, less light reflection occurs and the diamond can appear smaller and less radiant. Bezel Engagement Ring Setting - Pros and Cons

Partial Bezel Setting

In this setting, the bezel only envelops certain parts of the stone. The intrigue of a partial bezel setting is that light is able to enter the side of the stone, in effect radiating more brilliance and sparkle.

Unlike the full bezel setting, there is less protection with a partial bezel setting because more of the stone is exposed to the elements and other hard surfaces. Bezel Engagement Ring Setting - Pros and Cons

Unique Bezel Engagement Ring Settings

Whereas bezel engagement ring settings are generally round with full coverage, there are also unique bezel settings for diamonds or gemstones. Popular styles include hearts, trilliants, solitaire, and oval.

These shapes provide a unique variation of the classic bezel engagement ring. However, you’ll want to ensure that the edges aren’t too sharp or pointed to avoid them snagging on clothing or hair.

Is A Bezel Engagement Ring Right For You?

Choosing your engagement ring setting is a precious task, and there are many factors to consider. However, the most important factor is to choose what you love, and the setting that best suits your lifestyle.

Bezel engagement rings combine quality craftsmanship with simple design for an understated, timeless look. Plus, they allow the center stone to take center stage.

If you desire a little more flash, you can always add a halo of smaller diamonds or stones to your bezel setting. Additionally, choosing a gold or rose gold metal is a great way to reflect warm tones from your center stone.

If you love the appeal of a minimal, timeless design that’s durable and protective, the bezel engagement ring setting might be the one for you!


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