Anniversary Jewelry

anniversary jewelry

Jewelry is widely accepted as gifts for many occasions but one of the most important gifts you can give can be an Anniversary Jewelry.

When a woman receives Anniversary jewelry in honour of the love between she and her Husband the gem is treasures so much more and usually handed down as a heirloom.

Birthstones are of special interest to gemstone lovers when the meaning & association of specific gemstones with months of the year goes back centuries.

Anniversary Jewelry

Below is the standard Anniversary Gemstone jewelry chart per year of marriage. These natural gemstones are usually given in the form of a piece of jewelry or if a loose gem in the Promise of a piece of jewelry to be made from a custom piece. Majority of anniversary jewelry is necklace or pendant and sometimes as matching pendant and earrings jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry is designed separately by the hands of highly experienced craftsmen who use conventional manufacturing methods such as production, shedding, polishing and engraving throughout the compilation of a variety of components required for each design. The return for the reliable and masterful use of well-established hand tools throughout the design process provides a spotless, typical appearance. This is the top secret that sets our jewelry from apart and why the demand of each piece is matchless. 

When it comes to the buying of anniversary jewelry, a lot of people have queries as to what the correct jewelry is to buy. This is the truth to be state; there is no exact answer to this question. Several people like to see and integrate conventional anniversary gifting items, such as silver and gold. Still, as long as the anniversary jewelry meets the explanation above, it should generate the ideal gift to have fun with the special milestone to individuals as they may share precious moments.

1st Year Anniversary: Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry, like necklaces and gemstone rings, is typically given as a first-year anniversary present. Gold jewelry is associated with the sun; represents unfailing strength, prosperity and human power, this is according to some top designer. It is also believed to convey energy and pleasure to those individuals who used to wear it.

So, based on the qualities mentioned above, we offer a vast selection of well crafted fashion gold jewelry, at reasonable prices. Good quality necklaces, chains, pendants, charm distinctive sets of gemstone earrings and other trendy gold jewelry.

gold jewelry 1st year anniversary

2nd Year: Garnet Pendant Jewelry

Garnets are one of the leading types of gemstones. There are various garnets found all over the world. They come in a variety of colors excluding the blue. The term “Garnet” originated from the Greek word “Pomegranate”, (a fruit with a bunch of hot red seeds). The Czech Republic is such place in the world where the “Pyrope” (a range of garnet) can be found.

In fact, “Pyrope” has the cordial sizzling red color of the whole garnet family. This e garnet is the world’s famous Bohemian Garnet and has been gathered from the beautiful mountains of Bohemia for more than 600 years ago. Garnets were extremely popular in Europe since 18th to 19th century and enjoyed approval and claim throughout the Victorian Age.

The conventional handcrafted Bohemian styles put considerable significance on the existence of the garnets, which control over the metal for each quantity of jewelry. The luminous spark of the Bohemian Garnets is due to their exceptional transparency, and elevated refraction of light, magnificence, sophistication, toughness and worth guarantee the persistent approval and claim for this Bohemian Garnet.

From our auctioned site, we feature an incredible collection of garnet jewelries and styles. We offer extensive, carefully unique and complete collection for Garnet jewelry with synthetic stones. Additionally to the line, now and then, our set of jewelries highly represents the tough expertise of the stone cutters.

2nd year anniversary garnet jewelry

3rd Year: Pearl Necklace

Pearls Jewelry is considered as one of the rarest and luxurious jewelry on earth. In fact, its size is compared with its dramatic and large size. Most of this jewelry is made from a living organism, specifically a mussel or oyster. They are being produced by setting up a bead within the oyster. The oyster coats the bead to create a pearl.

These kinds of pearls are considered more affordable than other kinds of jewelries. Moreover, they come in several shapes from button to round shapes, from rice flakes to flat shapes and of course, in various colors. However, they can be attracting, lustrous and have a natural value and beauty of their own.

At present, our sample range of pearl jewelry includes various designs created based on the customers’ need. We offer various range of selection of pearl jewelry from its traditional producer. We always guarantee quality service and top product, as well.

3rd year anniversary pearl jewelry

4th Year: Blue Topaz Jewelry

In general, blue topaz is reasonably priced, though, due to scarcity, the London blue color has outshined compared with others in worth. The deficiency is due to deprived economics: there are some more cost-effective gems which can be treating without any requirement for a certain period. Blue topaz starts “life” as monochrome or evenly colored ordinary topaz crystals which are irradiated to modify the color into blue and heated to soothe the change.

The worth of most blue topaz jewelry produces little enticement in the marketplace for artificial blue topaz, although it has long been replicated by man-made spinel. Various coatings such as red, sea green colors, and teal make the “mystical topaz” These stones are eye-catching with their exceptionally thin coating son these must be touched gently or else cut, or scrape can mark the exterior layer.

No matter what color it has, topaz contains some magnificent gem qualities due to its high refractive indicator and its capacity to take a remarkable polish. This stone is accessible at reasonable prices. Their sparkling piece means that several cutters select this gem for their interpretation or non-traditional cuts. In fact, eight sets of topaz make an excellent gem for jewelry

Yes, the long wait is over, check our collection of details about blue topaz jewelry then, choose any combination of blue topaz jewelry to make your own exclusive family keepsake. Select the preferred birthstones of your beloved ones, or your much loved the combination of colors.

4th year anniversary topaz jewelry

5th Year: Sapphire pendants jewelry

The classical source of these sapphires is in Upper Burma while the gem fields are in Sri Lanka. In fact, heating neutral and light blue sapphires to high temperatures are often performed to provide them a strong blue color. This treatment can also develop the transparency of the stones by eliminating small inclusions.

Moreover, Rubies and Sapphires are closely connected. They both copy their heredity to corundum. The iron pigment found in the corundum causes the sapphire blue, while the component of chrome turns them into red. Corundum gemstones are the next sturdy among all the precious gemstones.

Sapphire pendant jewelry is equal in every feature to ruby, except for the main component - their color. Sapphires are available in a variety of color that ranges for the whole spectrum. Sapphires are divided into two different groups: Sapphires (blue sapphires only), and Fancy Sapphires (sapphires in all different colors).

Sapphire gemstone is one of the hard-wearing gemstone placing on the 9th rank based on Moh’s scale of stability. Sapphire can be worn out securely anytime without any second thought of it.

With sapphire pendant jewelry in your mind, gift giving is always in technique. Visit our Auction jewelry site and browse through an extensive collection of gemstones that suits your budget. Find remarkable prices in the broad selection bids and deals. Grab and see our auction site for the hottest and leading collection of gemstone jewelry.

5th year anniversary sapphire jewelry

6th Year: Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is in purple or violet gemstone from quartz family. This stone was popular under the reign of some rich and powerful leaders. It considered as an expensive gem as rubies and diamonds. Usually, it is mined in some places all over the world, especially in South Korea, Brazil, Russia, India, Africa, Uruguay, Austria, and U.S.

Moreover, the shape and color diverges depending on its origin. However, Medieval European combats wore amethyst jewelry as defense in their battle. They believed that this stone can treat people. Part of metaphysics, Amethyst is coupled with the Crown Chakra found at the top of the head.

Once your dear ones receive such jewelry or modernize your individual collection with the hottest designs and conventional styles from us, they will treasure and love it for the rest of their lives.

6th year anniversary amethyst jewelry

7th Year: Onyx Jewelry

This classic Onyx Jewelry is dazzling and will be a reasonable buy for individuals. It gives complementary look of black onyx combined with valuable sterling silver. It was crafted in full-size with bold and black onyx beads. This onyx jewelry is easy to be dressed in as an excellent piece of craftsmanship. This Onyx Jewelry is fashionable and multipurpose piece of art jewelry that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

With significant events and simple gathering with friends and family, and it is suitably ideal with other occasions. This onyx jewelry is a unique piece of art jewelry. Away from its physical prominence and magnificent attraction, Onyx is a representation of courageousness as it brought out strength to its wearer. In fact, this jewelry is incredible masterpiece in Europe.

An all-embracing collection of semi-precious and precious stones is at your hands when browsing our auction site. Add your jewelry box with traditional and recent trends or styles with the easiness and affordability you can have from us. Go and grab starting today!

7th year onyx jewelry

8th Year: Tourmaline Jewelry

The term “Tourmaline” refers to the amount of associated varieties and species of minerals. The term “tourmaline” is originated from a term, “turamali”, which means “mineral with mixed colors”.

This is a multifaceted crystalline silicate consisting boron, aluminum, and other elements. Although tourmaline has been well recognized since prehistoric times, it was only trade in by Dutch from Sri Lanka in the year 1703.

Whether you’re looking for a Tourmaline necklaces or ring, our auction site offers the newest gemstone designs. While choosing for the gemstones, check out the inimitable selection of jewelries.

Invite both continuing trends and timeless approach into your collected works by visiting our auction site for the most modern gemstone selection across the world.

8th year anniversary tourmaline jewelry

9th Year: Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

This jewelry was valued by most ancients and in demand by today’s most fashionable designers. The extremely and glowing solid blue gemstone “lapis lazuli” has captivated people for thousands of years. Lapis was prized in places such as Egypt, Middle East, and Babylonia, which often worn by sovereigns as their shield from evil. For several cultures, this gemstone was considered as a holy stone.

With it’s an exceptional color and those marvelous golden flecks, it has been created from the magic of a shiny sky. This piece of art can encourage harmonization in your relationships and is well-known as the stone of closeness and accuracy. Normally, this jewelry presented with a cabochon cut, though lapis lazuli jewelry is not often faceted.

In fact, our years of experience prove on this incredible Lapis Lazuli Jewelry. Our existing designs, practices and refined metals are the perfect platform for this millenarian gemstone. So, make your loved ones be happy and check with this barely credible jewelry at reasonable prices among all.

9th year anniversary lapis lazuli jewelry

10th Year: Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds seem to be well-known for 3,000 years ago. However, in ancient times, other sorts of minerals were often mystified with diamond. It is believed that the earliest diamonds were located in India. It considered the most significant, piece of jewelry of Brazil in 1725.

On the other hand, the Brazilian and Indian deposits had been almost worn out when in 1866. The Eureka diamond was found in South Africa, then the Star of South Africa since 1869. The valuable South African diamond had started, and South Africa became one of the world’s most significant sources of diamonds nowadays. Diamonds have since been revealed in several areas such as Australia and Russia.

Why Diamonds are famous? By the promotion provided to diamonds, it becomes the most preferred gemstone. It is also one of the affordable gems. Massive productions of this jewelry have also facilitated to make diamond jewelry into reasonable, even cost range jewelry.

Each of our diamond jewelry collection is proof of our artisans’ talents and commitment to value. The stone are natural and has brilliant quality. From our auction site, the jewelry collection features out a different and fabulous design handcrafted from the different parts of the world. Come and visit our auction site and experience the wonder of diamonds.

10th year anniversary diamond jewelry

11th Year: Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is a stone utilized in earliest jewelry and piece of art, and existing since 6000 B.C. by early Egyptian. In fact, the term “turquoise”, which means Turkish, from Persia has passed on its way to Europe. The most excellent turquoise comes from Iran, but striking specimens are also located in the Southwestern part of U.S.

Since natural turquoise is often spongy and unbalanced, some processes have been created to make the material marketable. In fact, plastics and epoxy are saturated under pressure into the uneven stone. Small portion of turquoise material is pounded and then, rebounded to form a large solid of stone.

Most of our turquoise jewelry is distinctive, and our auction site is always changing. We are always adding a new set of turquoise jewelry for you so come back often to see latest items especially for necklaces earrings, and bracelets. Your satisfaction is significant to us, and dealing with us is profoundly appreciated.

11th year anniversary turquoise jewelry

12th Year: Jade Jewelry

Jade is a solid, sturdy and highly-colored stone that is used to create beautiful jewelry and figures. The description for these gemstones is not complete without pertaining to the opulence of jade jewelry. Jade jewelry has a remarkable implication in the Chinese society. It is sometimes called as the “Eastern Diamond”.

Jade is a gemstone that is well-recognized not only for its shine, but also for the different beliefs connected with it. Some believe that Jade made up of is its natural aspect and abilities. It can be classified into two different minerals, nephrite or jadeite. Both distinction of jade is hard stones that make them not to break or cut easily.

Their chemical properties are comparable, but they vary mostly between calcium-magnesium and sodium properties. All jade has a standard to be polished highly. By tradition, jade is considered in bright tones of green. Green jade is the most popular color, but this gemstone comes in various colors such as white, lavender, and pink.

White jade is mostly found in Myanmar. Moreover, the properties of manganese and iron provide the most color variation in jade. Imperial Jade is a clear emerald-green stone, which consists of chromium. It is the most unusual in all. A strong color combined with fineness is the hallmark of quality jade.

Jade comes in a sky-scraping price that is even higher than the emeralds and rubies. Sometimes low-grade qualities of jade are dye green. It is suitable to buy jade jewelry from reputable stores. Natural stones like green glass stones are used as replication of jadeite.

There are many things that verify the worth of jade. First, jade stones are selling per piece and not for every carat. Its surface, mold and transparency also play an essential role in shaping its value. In the past, jade was measured more precious than gold or silver. Today, carat of jadeite is more priceless than diamond.

Jade can be produced into lovely pieces of jewelry varying from pendants, beads, bangles, hairpins, and earrings (to belt buckles). There are jade carvings that display complicated details of individuals and animals, as well. Thus, the metal found in jade jewelry permits light to come from the stone and enhance reflection.

Buyer’s tastes concerning jewelry have roughly changed. Women particularly like to collect with the up to date fashion trend of jewelry. One explanation why some women would be fascinated to jade is because it is different from the conventional look of jewelry, but it can provide a woman an elite and stylish look at the same time.

Our auction site offers various selections for jade jewelry. So, look for jade earrings, necklacesbracelet, and more for personal and collectible jade item as well as, an ideal anniversary gift for your loved ones.

jade jewelry 12th year anniversary

13th Year: Citrine Jewelry

Citrine’s is considered as a “commercial stone” since it attracts money, especially from end to end of sales. Citrine is described as yellow or orange edition of quartz. Since most usual citrine is light in color. A big percentage of jewelry sold as citrine is made from smoky quartz or amethyst and has been treated to modify its color. Citrine is distorted as yellow topaz, occasionally.

It was until 1556 that the word “citrine” was officially used until that the stone had been well recognized as “yellow quartz”. Isn’t it idealistic? Citrine is prized stone among the medieval period of Scots and Celts for whom it used as a shield against the disease, terrible skin and immoral thoughts. It was also employed as an attraction against the toxic bite of Vipera Berus (Scotland’s one venomous snake), which can be found in highlands of Scotland.

Our auction site is for everyone who loves jewelry! We offer online services for active buyers who want to see and purchase exclusive creations for memorable occasions or just for the absolute joy of having something exceptionally beautiful stone. Shop and get direct gratification and bid through our site. Either way, we guarantee you a matchless bidding experience.

citrine jewelry 13th year anniversary

14th Year: Opal Jewelry

Opals are breakable, heat receptive, and crack and scrapes easily. Even with these negative aspects, opal’s unrivaled beauties promise its status as a leading gemstone. The origin of its name even includes to its status. Apparently, opal’s names developed from the Roman word “Opalus”, and derived the Greek word “Opallios”, which implies “(to see an adjustment in color).

The ancient Greeks believed that the opals gave the user a power of prudence and prediction, and the Romans recognized it as a symbol of trust and cleanliness. Eastern people observed it as sanctified, and Arabs thought it come from heaven. During the 19th century, false notion was developed.

Today, these superstitions have abolished, but some individuals still believe that it is not agreeable to wear opals. Opal has a lot of trade names, but the list of acknowledged or usually used names is shorter. The most significant and most extensively known opal is the “Precious Opal. It may be subcategorized further by color modifier such as pink, blue, black, white, and pinks, which portrays the actual color of the opal.

Bid for our Opal Jewelry and browse spectacular pictures of Opal Earrings. With this trusted site, we guarantee excellent and professional service from us with numerous year of experience. If you’re deciding to but an opal for someone special, just consider about their favorite color, and you will find jewelries that will ensemble their needs as well as, your pocket.

14th year anniversary opal jewelry

15th Year: Ruby Jewelry

Ruby jewelry has been accepted for several years, however; most consumers select their ruby based on its external looks and design. Ruby jewelries are usually worn in exceptional occasion, and this is the basis why you will find millions of designs for engagement party as well as, for wedding ceremony. Most of us would spend a vast amount of money for anniversary, and it is required that we made a right choice when buying jewelry.

The gemstone in a ruby is a well-known cost element of the jewelry. Most of the time, we expect an authentic gemstone in our jewelry and should obtain what we paid for. Unluckily, it is not always easy to distinguish an authentic ruby from an ingeniously manmade ruby. So, you must choose a jeweler that you can expect. The origin of the jewel in your ruby is evenly significant as, that would establish the exquisiteness of the gemstone. Rubies are started from some African countries such as Burma and Thailand.

These gemstones are usually sold by carats, and large sizes of rubies are more as compared to less significant sizes. Ruby jewelries with gigantic sized are expensive or rubies with low quality is terrible. Generally, go for jewelry with a reasonably sized in order that the value is quite amusing. There is one other alternative that you might wish to consider where, several little pieces of quality rubies are intimately set in a design. A detailed, custom cutting of the gemstone will also be necessary for such scenery to be done.

With our auction site, we offer striking and remarkable beauty of ruby. We offer eye-catching fashion jewelry pieces that present a fresh and fashionable style. Whether you are searching for splendid pieces of ruby especially for your earrings and necklaces, we are your definitive jewelry destination. So, find us more!

15th year anniversary ruby jewelry

16th Year: Peridot Jewelry

The derivation of the term “Peridot” is vague. It is one of the few gemstones that transpire in one color only which is an olive green. The strength and shade of the green depends on how much the amount of iron is enclosed with the crystal composition, so the color of each Peridot gems can diverge from yellow-green into olive green then, to brown-green. The most expensive is measured a dark-olive green color.

On the other hand, Peridot was originated from Egypt during the late 18th century. A sky-scraping quality of Peridot olivine is produced from the Eastern lava parts of Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, the most valued gems are considered to derive from Pakistan and some other Peridot is now supplied by Native Americans located in San Carlos.

Peridot jewelry is a perfect gift for all occasions, or possibly a set of Peridot jewelries to bring a light your eyes. So, browse our far-reaching library of details about Peridot jewelry. Learn how Peridot got its name. Our auction site covers up and carries you the most stunning and exceptional Peridot jewelry across the nation.

peridot jewelry 18th year anniversary

17th Year: Watches for both Husband and wife

Watches are of those gifts that can be given on the anniversary, whether if it is for your first, second, etc. There is a wide selection of watches to choose. Before deciding any of the watch items, take into concern the preferred color of your loved ones, as well as, their personal choice.

Moreover, it is also necessary to pick the style according to the preferred style of your partners; otherwise it may be useless for them! To make it more customized, you can present it with some beads or ornaments just to show its quality and uniqueness.

You might arrange a set gift of matching for her and his watches or, you might highly regard most watch selected items like 2-watch winder and watch band. Beyond those mentioned items, our auction site offers some artistic ideas about watches!

18th Year: Cat’s Eye Jewelry

Cat’s eye gemstone commonly used in producing beads and cuff links. Its ranges 100 carats and the premium rate are similar with the pure sapphires. These gems are truly magnificent with prosperous honey color, which are rare and expensive. It is also typically less translucent, and the common color is light brown and green.

Spiritualist believes that any stone with the effect of cat’s eye can able to get an attention from others. It can also help to connect relations between individuals as well as, the advantages that users may even get from wearing Cat’s Eye gemstone jewelry: a clear thought of view, insight, safety, brings good luck.

Early Hindus believed that this particular gemstone can shield the person from poverty. Moreover, jewelry with the effect of cat’s is motivated a lot of people especially for those who born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini and Virgo. Like other gemstones, they are also available in various birthstones.

Tired of not looking what you are searching for? Are you looking for this special piece? We offer this piece of your dreams. Cat’s eye is one of the trendiest jewelries and presents the best prices. So, come in and see us auction site today and experience the magnificent passion of our jeweler.

19th Year: Aquamarine Jewelry

The term “Aquamarine” is originated from Latin word meaning (water of the sea). It is a blue-green or green diversity of Beryl Group. In fact, dark blue is the most preferred color for aquamarine gemstones. Moreover, a clear specimen is often irradiated to achieve the desired color. In some parts of U.S, aquamarines can be located at the top of Mt. Antero in central Colorado.

With our Aquamarine Jewelers, you will come across a wide diversity of anniversary jewelry such as earrings,braceletsor bangles, and necklaces or pendants. Our prices are considerable in town. With our auction site, our worth addresses for itself, and all of our gemstone comes with a lifetime changes.

aquamarine jewelry 19th year anniversary gift

20th Year: Emerald Jewelry

Technically speaking, the color of emerald is classified into three elements: tone, saturation, and hue. Most of the Emeralds transpire in hues varying from yellow-green then, to blue-green. However, red, yellow, and blue (as considerable secondary hues in emeralds).

In fact, this is only the gem that is (medium to dark in nature); light-colored gems are recognized instead by the species called “green beryl”. Additionally, the tone of an emerald must be clear. Gray is the usual dispersion modifier and mask in emerald; a grayish green in tone is considered as a dull green.

Finding the ideal emerald jewelry in reasonably priced is not easier. For the special celebration like anniversary, our auction site offers stunning emerald jewelries can that can cost up to a few dollars especially if it’s a significant emerald in an unfathomable green color. See and visit us!

21st Year: Iolite Jewelry

Iolite is produced on closely continent near in India. Though Iolite is not an acknowledged birthstone, it is a conventional gift especially for the 21st wedding anniversary. Iolite is measured to be one of the primary gems and used as a compass. Its perfect charm and remarkable allure make it a trendy gemstone among jewelry lovers.

Viking seamen utilized thinly small cut of iolite gems to find the way in the ocean by identifying the position of the sun by means of polarization. Moreover, Iolite is available in violet and blue crystals similar to sapphires. These gems are the known treasures all over the world.

It is more beautiful when set into proper and tailored jewelry, and its cost makes it obtainable to all jewelry collectors. The most ordinary settings of iolite jewelry are white and silver gold, which harmonize the blue and violet tone of the gem. This Iolite jewelry may also integrate with other matching gemstones, such as amethysts, topaz, and aquamarines. In fact, Iolite stones place in gemstone jewelry can add beautification to your outfit.

With our gemstone auction site, we offer you a complete series of attractive designs made up of lucid and dazzling Iolite. Part of our collection is the stylish braceletsfeisty earrings, splendid necklace and striking pendants that are made up of highly charming Iolite gemstones.

22nd Year: Spinel Jewelry

Spinel, particularly in its blue or red varieties, is a traditionally significant gem. As it is often located corundum in precious stone deposits and has a comparable series of color, gleam and rigidity. Until these modern times, they used sapphire, aquamarines, and most of all, ruby.

The well-known “Black Prince’s Ruby”, which is the significant part of the Crown Jewels in England, is, in fact, a red Spinel. The arrival of the current gemological identification and partition techniques during the late 19th century recognized Spinel as a distinctive species.

Find Red Spinel jewelry for Anniversary Jewelry category. Compare our reasonable prices and purchase this gemstone at a reasonable price. Simply visit our auction site and choose the perfect jewelry for you!

23rd Year: Imperial Topaz Jewelry

The term “Imperial Topaz” was originated in Russia during the 19th century, where the Ural Mountain was a valuable source of this gem. Topaz normally occurs in brown and monotonous colors. It is available in pink, red, purple, golden, and orange colors, which are often referred as “precious topaz”.

Imperial topaz is established in nature, most of its material is formed by a combination of heating and irradiation treatment. Meanwhile, a combination of chromium and color chromium creates orange topaz. It is also tinted by color centers. In fact, the color of some brown topaz may enlighten at this time.

Our luminous Imperial Topaz jewelry collection features out anniversary jewelries like stunning pendants, necklaces, and bracelets from fundamental to extraordinary. Our auction site will assist you to choose anniversary jewelries setting you’ll be love, and choose on the perfect combination of Topaz size and quality, so you’re sure to choose the perfect one.

23rd year anniversary imperial topaz jewelry

24th Year: Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite Gemstone is one of the most dazzling gemstones produced in East Africa. It is usually in a soft blue color. This Tanzanite gem stone was found during 1967 and was referred as “Tanzanite” by Tiffany And Company. Then, it was presented in the global market in 1969.

In fact, the Tanzanite gemstone displays a trichroic effect that is visible is three different colors: bronze, blue, and purple. Historically, the first set of Tanzanite was collected by Masai herders when they observed lightning clout with a few brownish ziosite crystals. This will transform the crystals to a striking blue color.

Moreover, Tanzanite has been recognized as a December birthstone. When evaluating a Tanzanite gemstone take note the following in your mind. For size: big Tanzanite gemstones are more costly and unusual as compared to smaller pieces. For color: Tanzanite gems that are in blue color are more expensive than the purple one.

This gemstone is a bit more fragile than several other gemstones and unable be worn when doing tough activity. Avoid cleaning Tanzanite jewelry with the use of an ultrasonic cleaner. If you’re decided to pair this gem with other stones, make sure that this gemstone was mounted. The Tanzanite gemstone could smash with the heat of a fire.

From here, we welcome you to our auction website. You will find an eye-catching and extraordinary gem from all over the world. We offer and work with an exclusive piece of spectacular brilliance and perfect craftsmanship for Tanzanite Jewelry that simply works for you.

tanzanite jewelry 24th year anniversary jewelry

25th Year: Silver Jewelry with or without gems.

Silver Jewelry consists of a sole gemstone with an extensive set of attractive freshwater pearls, and dazzling Swarovski crystals. This striking collection of silver and gemstone jewelry includes a vast selection of eye-catching hallmarked necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

Women endow jewelry nowadays with several pieces of it. From our auction site, we have a vast selection of jewelry, with several collections available for silver. It is an ideal choice for those individuals. Buying reasonable price and stunning silver jewelry are the qualities we can offer for you.

25th year anniversary silver jewelry

30th Year: Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry is also known as the “Queen of Gems”, as it possesses a history and glamour for what today’s user may recognize. Before the establishment of cultured pearls in the year 1900, natural pearls were so uncommon and pricey that they were kept almost entirely for the rich and noble individual.

However, no one will ever recognize who were the first people collect and use pearls. From the “Book of the Pearl”, by George Frederick Kunz, stated his conviction that the earliest fish-eating family, possibly along the coast of India, primarily treasured the form and gleam of saltwater pearls, which they found in opening oysters for food in 1908.

Whether you’ re finding for trend statements, spectacular anniversary gifts or investment pieces, our auction site offer the right piece with an attractive gemstone garnered across the nations. Look for more detailed information on our site about our Pearl jewelry options as well as, auctioned jewelry and its options.

35th Year: Emerald Jewelry

Emerald tends to have several enclosures and surface breaking gaps. Unlike diamond, emerald is evaluated by eye. Thus, if an emerald has no noticeable inclusions to the eye, it is considered perfect. Stones that are lack in the surface are particularly rare, and almost all emeralds are treating to improve the perceptible clarity.

This gemstone is described as colorful (in primary green hue) without 15% of any secondary color or a mixture of a medium-dark shade. Meanwhile, our valued collection for Emerald Jewelry is spectacular and available in various shape and size.

40th Year: Ruby Jewelry

For pricey gemstone jewels like ruby, it is also significant that the size of gemstone size is not too large. Rubies are in high price as size of the gemstone increases. In fact, a ruby with a huge size of gemstone would need an excellent quality ruby gemstone.

However, the defects in a low graded gem would be obviously noticeable as the gemstone size increases. From here, you can see the amount of factors that works together to describe a perfect design for your ruby gemstone jewelry.

Our auction site brings you an unparalleled collection of brilliant gemstones. We always make every effort to offer our customers with the high quality gemstones and our definitive aim is to make them affordable. So, come and browse our online auction services and experience the supernatural world of gemstones!

35th year anniversary emerald jewelry

45th Year: Sapphire Jewelry

A variety of sapphire is well-known as color transforming sapphire and exhibits festive colors in unusual light. These sapphires show equality to the rare, expensive and beautiful sapphires. They are formed by using numerous catalysts extremely in high temperatures. Sometimes, they referred as “diffusion sapphires.”

Strong and medium dark blue is the most wanted after Blue Sapphires. However, pure Sapphires are tremendously rare. Cambodia, Burma, and Sri Lanka create pure Blue Sapphires. Cambodian Sapphires are faintly dark while, Australian Sapphires have overtone green and concentric hexagonal bands.

Yes, grab this jewelry from our auction site and see your world astonish in style! From our Sapphire gemstones to pure, we have it all. These glowing and beautiful gemstones (both increased and looses) are sure to take your preferences!

50th Year: Gold Jewelry or a custom gold piece to house a loose gem given before.

If you’ re one of those individuals who do not mindful on your accessories because of the price involved, then you are hop to possess a desirable collection of gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is a valuable and is made out of stones and metals. This is the reason why valuable stones falls into the group of “pure jewelry”. The most excellent silver, gold, diamonds, and platinum are preferred to be used in making stylish jewelry.

This stone was designed especially for the cultivated eye, and this is accessible in fashionable designs and is spotlessly crafted. Gold jewelry is one of those specimens of pure jewelry that are designed with massive articulation and an eye for element. Gold jewelry is similar with heirloom, (a work of ageless wraithlike perfection), which blooms all the time.

Simultaneously, we are all aware in the fact that the acquisition of gem stones like gold jewelry represents a significant investment aspect for you. Thus, our customers are ought to have and achieve the excellent quality and reasonable price, as well. This is what we can provide with you!

55th Year: Alexandrite Jewelry

Alexandrite was first located in an emerald mining area of Ural Mountains in the Soviet Union in 1831. This gem has been first discovered from the time Alexander II came into the age. The term “Alexandrite” was named after Nordenskjold, the famous mineralogist. It is a remarkable chance that the Russian state colors are red and green.

Meanwhile, faceted alexandrite gems with quality color are considered precious, even when perceptible enclosure is present. The Astrological symbol of alexandrite is Scorpio. The usual birthstone for June is the natural alexandrite earrings or jewelry. Alexandrite is the emblematic gemstone for the 55th wedding anniversary, as well.

Alexandrite is an exclusive and incredible gemstone. It’s spectacular color changing property from green to purple red, which depends on the light. It makes a distinctive jewelry. When you think about the fact that you catch two striking gemstone colors in one, Alexandrite Gemstone Jewelry is surely a valuable purchase. Our incredible collection of gemstone necklaces and pendants carry out the true magnificence beauty of Alexandrite.

60th Year: Diamond Jewelry

We always have 100% chances to use jewelry that helps us display a fresh look and keep the trendiest gems. Our diamond jewelry pieces will certainly leave you fascinated by their absolute beauty. The jewelries we offer with our diamond pieces provide a stylish, conventional and refined look all in one.

Our set of jewelry can consider as a fascinating piece, including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and bangles that contain an eye-catching mix of diamond jewelry and other valuable stones. For those special occasions like 60th wedding anniversary, we have beautiful sets of diamond that each woman would adore to wear.

diamond jewelry 60th year anniversary gift

70th Year: Sapphire Jewelry

This splendid gemstone comes in several colors, not only in the translucent blue-gray, but also in the magnificently colorful light like a sunset (in pink, purple, orange, and yellow). Sapphires are gems of the sky, though they are found in the solid ground of the blue planet. Blue is the primary color of the sapphire. It is also the preferred color of some 50% of all people.

Blue is the only color, which is connected to the sapphire as it is, with the feelings of compassion and harmony, closeness and fidelity, which are attributes that show their value in the long run. Thus, blue sapphire is the color, which suits with the whole thing that is stable and dependable. This is the only reasons why women in several countries desire for a sapphire jewelry for anniversary.

Sapphire jewelry would be the perfect choice for all occasion. Our spectacular selection of Sapphire Jewelry features excellent quality. Our sapphire gemstone is available in various shapes and designs to matching your tastes. Embellish yourself with this magnificent gemstone.

80th Year: Ruby Jewelry

We all know that any jewelry design should look eye-catching and beautiful. However, other aspects like gemstone attributes and rationalized shape are also significant. Taking about a ruby jewelry, this gemstone is fairly sturdy with a solidity value based on Moh’s scale of resistance.

The designs from our auction site give you an enough interest to a long-term durability of the jewelry. Each design is evaluated by a team of gemstone and jewelry experts. Equal importance should always be provided to you for a good look, effort and long-term stability of our jewelry.

About Jewelry

We made this buyer’s guide facilitate you to understand the terms used in describing jewelry. It consists of some of the indispensable information you should identify before purchasing any jewelry, including the description of valuable and semi-valuable stones, the properties of different kinds of metals its certain features. This buyer’s guide will not make you a skilled, but it must assist you becoming more at ease in estimating and selecting the right piece of jewelry.

The Colored Gemstones

Regardless of the massive popularity of diamonds, colored gemstones are considered as the most fashionable and significant forms of jewelry. The brilliant colors of gemstones give each an exceptional personality, and your tastes in color often speak preferences for fastidious stones.

Diamond jewelry were established as worth jewelry, valued emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other colored gemstones. In addition to, almost all colored gemstones were believed to have unusual powers to treat particular illnesses. In fact, there was a time when a set of gemstone was the comparable to a medicine cabinet!

Today, gemstones are still appreciated for their exquisiteness and qualities. The valuable gemstones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire, ruby are among the most valued. A usual, unenhanced, strongly tinted stone can be value as much per carat, or simply say, more than a diamond as having acceptable quality.

Due to the high cost and rarity of these stones, jewelers created ways to improve their form. Over hundred years ago, it has been an ordinary practice to warm gemstones and carries out their best color. This is considered as simply expanding what nature began, since only the pressure and heat from the earth provides color on the gemstone.

Meanwhile, there are other regular types of treatment to improve as well as, the exquisiteness of tinted gemstones. Emeralds are regularly waxed and oiled to keep them and to conceal solid lines that obviously take place in the stone. Some sapphires have their enhanced blue color through dispersion, a chemical process.

In fact, some stones are treated with heat by using a process of nature. All these practices are typical in the jewelry industry. With emeralds, you must simply be cautious not to unsoil the stone too forcefully, or you might eliminate the layer of oil or wax to change the form of the stone. If this takes place, bring it back to your jeweler to reprocess once again.

Moreover, artificial or “hand-created” stones are developed using the similar ingredients as the usual stones. They are chemically equal to natural stones, but more reasonable, and easier to access, as well. Lab-created gemstones regularly have lesser inclusion, compared to some valuable gems.

With technological advances, several hand-created stones can only be differentiated from a usual by a skilled professional. Almost any jewel can be created in a laboratory, but the valuable gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are the most common and frequent one.

The scale grades started from the softest to hardest. Stiffness is the resistance in order to scrape the gems. When a variety of mineral is scraped against each other, any kind of mineral with a high solidity of ranking will spot any mineral with a poorer ranking.

The Valuable Gemstones

Among all, only 3 tinted gemstones are considered valuable. These are the sapphire, emerald, and ruby, which have remained their prized standards among other gemstones due to their remarkable colors and rarity. Valuable gemstones with large size and brilliant color are rare to have.

The Semi-Valuable Gemstones

A semi-valuable gemstone consists of any jewel except ruby, emerald, and sapphire. The significance of these semi-valuable gemstones can differentiate base on their accessibility of the stone; the usual black opal, for example, it is hard to deal with valuable gemstone than the semi-valuable stones.

As part of the rule, semi-valuable stones are always more abundant than valuable stones. This is the reason why it is easier to get huge, well-tinted, sparkling stones that are suitable for jewelry. Additionally, the extensive range of colors that are available makes semi-valuable stones as an ideal option for individuals who want to create their own style with their jewelry.

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