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Natural Chakra Pendants – People all over the world wear chakra jewelry and chakra gemstones. Chakra pendant is a healing accessory that can beautifully and easily be integrated in everyday use. There are numerous energy vortexes in your body, with the 7 main chakras known as the crown, third eye, throat, solar plexus, sacral and base chakra. For thousands of years it is believed that these systems are linked to various things such as herbs, sounds, colors and gemstones to optimize the chakras. The chakras vortexes are colour specific, which is why certain gemstones are assigned to certain chakras. 

Chakra jewelry is commonly used for clearing, energising, balancing and improving these energy systems and bringing about harmony and inner peace. Wearing a chakra pendant is an excellent and easy to use method to support the wearer wherever they may go. It is also a very earthy looking jewelry and can suit different styles.

Chakra color representation:

1st Root chakra – red

2nd Sacral chakra – orange

3rd Solar plexus chakra – yellow

4th Heart chakra – green

5th Throat chakra – blue

6th Third eye chakra – purple

7th Crown chakra - white

Examples of Gemstone for Chakras:

1st – Garnet, Jasper

2nd – Carnelian, Moonstone

3rd – Citrine, Peridot

4th – Aventurine, Emerald, Jade

5th – Amazonite, Aquamarine,

6th – Amethyst, Azurite

7th – Clear Quartz, Fluorite

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