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Tourmaline Pendants have a variety of exciting colours in any of the gemstone group. Crystal tourmalines have inclusions and fractures and can be deeply rich in colour and clear.

The colours are basically all shades and tints, so are ideal as pendants.

Tourmaline has the phenomenon of different colours appearing when they are viewed from different directions and angles.

After the stones have been cut and polished and to improve the colour of Tourmaline, they are irradiated, and heat treated.

Tourmaline gemstones shares the birthstone for October with Opal.  It is also considered the gemstone for an eighth wedding anniversary.

Tourmalines are very highly accepted for its affordability, quality and colour.

Bicolour and tricolour Tourmalines were given its name because of the length of its crystal that has a whole lot of different colours.


Tourmaline colours are as below:-(info@palagems.com)

Rubellite -Red

Indicolite - Blue

Chrome - intense green colored by chromium/vanadium

Bi-color- tourmalines which display two or more colors in the same stone

Watermelon - bi-colour tourmalines which show a green skin and a red core, there are often cut as slices

Canary - bright yellow tourmaline from Malawi

Paraiba- intense blue to green from Paraiba, Brazil, colored by copper.

Cat’s eye - chatoyant tourmaline in a variety of colour.

Color change - changes from green in daylight to red in incandescent light

According to history, Brazil is the main source of tourmaline for over 500 years.

Tourmalines were also discovered and mined in Nigeria, United States, Tanzania, Pakistan, Namibia, Mozambique, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

There was a carving of Alexander the Great in India around 200-300 B.C which confirms that Tourmaline were known in the Mediterranean in ancient times. 

Interestingly the largest tourmaline was featured in the Guinness World Records weighing at 191.87 carats. It is a great gift idea for those born in the month of October and the official gemstone for the 8th anniversary. 

The last Chinese Empress Dowager loved pink Tourmaline and collected throughout her life. On her death her head was laid on a carved pink Tourmaline pillow along with her many gemstones and jewelry. 

There are numerous metaphysical properties of the Tourmaline varieties. Generally it is said to help mend a heart full of sorrow and pain. It promotes love, balances the emotions and wanes unsettling outlook. In relativity to relationships, it promotes positive emotions, allows self-understanding and knowledge of ones self-ability to love again, helps overcome past trauma, initiate compassion, insight and discernment with others and encourages a flexible and impartial mindset. 

Pink Tourmaline can help the wearer overcome feeling of anxiety, terror and overcome the inner negativity. For healers, this can improve empathy, consideration and listening towards others.

Watermelon Tourmaline can support resolution and compromise. Helpful for those who are quick to anger and need to be more kind-heartedness and understanding.

Blue Tourmaline is a good protective stone and helps the wearer attain their goals.

Black Tourmaline deters negativity and provides the wearer the wisdom and strength to overcome.

Red Tourmaline promotes love, desire, happiness, kindness, honesty and commitment. 

Physically it is said to heal issues related to the whole leg, the spine, muscles, immune system, the heart, intestines and the brain. 

The astrological sign for Tourmaline is Libra. It is the birthstone for those born in the month of October. Tourmaline is also for the root or base chakra.

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