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Natural Agate Rings On Sale

Natural Agate rings can come in all sorts of colours, pink, brown, grey, yellow, purple, white, black, green or blue or can be mixed colours.

Very popular for Agate rings is what we call Laguna lace agate. The colour and patterns are amazing and each one so unique and interesting patterns.

seems to swirl and twirl, very exciting to look at. The band of colours as it entwines with other colours are very impressive.

There is also the natural drusy agate rings.

Agate gemstones are ideal for silver metal settings as it makes the Agate rings more earthy looking.

Agates are ideal for rings because they are hard stones and does not easily break and can be worn every day.

Agate rings can also look dressy and some people would wear large, huge pieces making huge statements.

The agate ring designs can be round, square or can be carved by itself without it being set in silver. The whole agate gemstone can be cut and polished and shaped into a ring and be sized as per the design.

Most agate rings are bevelled set to protect the stone., other agate rings can just be set into prongs.

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