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Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry consists of man made synthetic and stimulant look-alike gemstones for jewelry. They have very subtle differences but mimic the look of different natural gems.

Fashion bracelets we have a selection of cubic zirconia, crystal, synthetic opal, pearls, glass beads and synthetic gemstones.

Fashion charms, we have synthetic gemstone charms that will perfectly fit any Pandora style necklace and bracelet.

Fashion Earrings we have a variety of styles such as gold and silver studded cubic zirconia earrings, studded gemstone earrings, synthetic gemstone hook earrings, filigree style, gold filled style and mixed synthetic gemstone earrings.

Fashion Jewelry sets is a mixture of earrings, bracelet, pendants, brooch and cufflinks.

Fashion necklace have a variety of tribal replica styles made from resin, crystal, glass and synthetic beads.

Fashion pendants are a nice mix of modern and elegant styles.

Fashion rings have resellers bulk trays of synthetic gemstone rings that have a great range of colors, a variety of plated metal and modern styles. Great if you want a different variety for yourself or if you plan to resell them individually.

Jewelry Auctioned has a large online selection of Simulant Fashion Jewelry to suit your needs.

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