Selling Fees Explained

Selling Fees Explained

If you want to become a seller with Jewelry Auctioned, here’s a breakdown of the selling fees, seller plans and listing features that are available for you.

1. Selling Fees

On the 15th of each month, we will send you a commission bill for you to pay. This commission bill will include your store fee.

selling fees explained

2. Seller Plans

When setting up your store, you will be asked to select a Seller Plan. You can see your plan in your Store Settings.

Here is a comparison of the Seller Plans that are currently available for you.

Seller plansSeller plans

3. Listing Types

When listing an item, you can choose the listing type. Select between standard, premium/boost or a showcase listing. The price of each of these listing types will be shown to you on the listing page.

Premium listing will include:

  • Show up on the first page of categories and stores

  • Results highlighted in categories and stores

  • Duration: 7 days

Showcase listings will include:

  • Large banner on the top of the category and store page. These will rotate through to show all showcase listings.

  • Duration: 7 days

Here is a comparison of the listing types that are currently available for you.

Listing Type Comparison


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