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Natural Tiger Eye Pendants – Tiger Eye is a beautiful golden brown gem with bands. When cut an undulating shine appears and resembles just like an eye of a tiger. 

Other types of colors Tiger Eye can appear are yellow, blue, black and deep red with golden stripes. 

This gemstone is mined in various places such as Sri Lanka, Namibia, Thailand, Brazil, Australia, India and Canada. However the most prominent deposits are located in South Africa. 

Tiger Eye is said to be the gemstone of protection with cleansing capabilities.  

Metaphysically it is said to help support concentration and helps one focus on reaching goals. It can help with safety and protection, integrity, self-control, realism, responsibility with power, clarity in elusive situations, self-confidence, balance emotions and mind-sets. 

Spiritually it can prevent negativity, attract courage and vigour, and support composure in one’s life. It can also help the bearer attain abundance whilst preserving the acquired success. It can liberate one’s creativity and increase the individuals’ influence in life.

For Chakra healing it is said to support the protective power of the Solar Plexus. 

Physically Tiger Eye is said to be effective in regenerating lungs from bronchitis. It can alleviate migraines, improve vision at night, mend broken bones and enhance ones’ strength. It is believed to remedy issues such as bruises, wounds, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, dysbiosis, diverticulitis, heartburn and other digestive problems. 

The astrological signs for Tiger Eye are Taurus and Gemini. It is the birthstone for those born in the months of April and June. Tiger Eye is also for the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. 

The colors of Tiger Eye are suitable for both male and female. Jewelry Auctioned have various Tiger Eye pendant styles available. There are simple and fancy bezel style, drilled, macramé, and multi-stone fashioned into various forms. The cuts are made into cabochon with shapes such as teardrop, oval, hexagonal, heart, spheres and egg.

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