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Vintage jewelry are all the craze today, With the prices of gold and silver soaring many people have started to dig threw the jewelry box to see what they have tucked away. Some of us have pieced that have been passed down by other family members bring back fond memories. This very thing has revivedthe collectors of Antique and Vintage Jewelry.

Antique jewelry is considered 80 years or older, many say it must be at least 100 years old but with the Love for vintage jewelry the time lines have changed for different items. For example a cameo is considered a Antique only after it ages 100 years. But a gold bar pin may be considered antique after 80 years. So when your looking at Antique jewelry you should be looking at pieces made during 1930 or before.

Regardless the love for Antique jewelry is here and if your a admirer your in the right place.Buy to collect it. Otherbuy it to wear. Or they may buy it to present to a loved one on a special occasion, as antique jewelry is often considered even more sentimental and meaningful that new jewelry.

Some antique jewelry is marked with what is called a hallmark to show whether it is gold, silver or who made it. All Antique jewelry is collectible in some way. But sometimes we stumble across a piece that may be worth a great deal of money, more than we ever imagined due to the person who made it or the design or age of the item.

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