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Qld, Australia
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The owner Paul Sedawie is the current president of the Opal Association. and a member of the International colored stone Association.All my life i have enjoyed collecting minerals and fossils .I have been opal mining and now have a large opalized fossil collection of museum quality.I enjoy visiting mines in different parts of the world and try to buy direct off the miner or as close to the source as possible to give you the best deals.I had a factory in asia and a lot of these pieces of jewelery were made there.Natural stones/minerals fascinate me so I dont stock man made- laboratory made stones or imitation stones..I have a few sites at www.opalauctions.com and www.gemrockauctions.com which I head under the Seda group.I believe that your continued business is my business so I hope you enjoy the amazing array and beauty of nature I have to offer.Best Regards Paul Sedawie
Qld, Australia
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