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Qld, Australia
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Opal Plus started selling Opals in Perth, Western Australia in 1990. At that time my brother Paul was mining Black Opal in Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia. He would send the rough Opal to Perth and we would cut, polish and sell the finished stones. In 1992 we moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland and set up set an Opal cutting factory rubbing, cutting and polishing on average 120 Black Opals per day. At this time we had a number of partnerships and Opal mining ventures and a good source of Opal rough material. We sold Opals in Australia and New Zealand as well as at the Tuscon Gem Shows in America and gem shows in Japan. In 1995 Estella started creating jewellery and we started selling Opal jewelry also around Australia to complement our Opal sales. After selling some Opals on the internet we founded Opal Auctions.com so we could share our passion for Opals with people from all over the world.
Qld, Australia
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