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Natural Amethyst Pendants – This gemstone is a member of the quartz mineral variety. It is also known as the birthstone for February. Aluminium and Iron within the quartz creates the beautiful purple – violet hues of the amethyst.

Historically the name Amethyst originates from the Greek word “amethystos” which translates to “not drunken”. It was believed that the bearer of this stone averts drunkenness.

The more significant deposits are found in Brazil, Uruguay, USA, Bolivia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Burma, Russia and Sri Lanka.

Amethyst gemstone has been utilised for centuries and is well sought for creating different items and most importantly, stunning jewelry due to its durable composition. Amethyst is available in many shapes and sizes, such as faceted cut, tumbled stones, cabochon, beads and freeform. The natural specimens are available in cathedrals, clusters and geodes. The most sought tone of the Amethyst is dark rich purple and is enjoyed by both males and females.

Metaphysically Amethyst has been said to calm the mind and soothe emotions. Physically it is said to improve mental capabilities.

Jewelry Auctioned has numerous Amethyst pendants styles to choose from. There are styles in Silver settings that have faceted stones, cabochon shapes, cluster pendants, multi stone, chakra style pendants. Of if you seek a more elegant and modern style, there are plenty of stunning gold Amethyst pendant pieces to choose from. Such as simple single stone piece or you can select an Amethyst pendant that is beautifully complemented with diamonds or other gemstones. If you are stuck for a gift for your loved one, why not choose from our pendant selection. Amethyst is the celebratory gemstone for the 6th year in a wedding anniversary. As a stone of protection, this is a great gift for your loved one.

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