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Silver 925 chain manufactured to high standard that is 92.5% silver and this standard is

excepted worldwide. Some jewelry may be rhodium plated but it is still 925


Sterling silver hallmark is 925.

Most our silver chain is made in Europe and majority from

Italy that makes huge rolls of many kilos of silver chain with sophisticated chain

making machinery.

These rolls are exported to Asia where they are cut to size

and hand welded with claps, which is labour intensive.

Machinery can do this but its costly, so Asian factory’s

make many of these chains and silver necklaces.

The most popular silver chain is the snake chain followed by

Australian made heavy duty silver bracelets.

Silver earrings that are blown hollow inside look attractive

and large and are light weight.

Silver rings are popular with the younger generation.

Some Indian factories manufacture 980 silver which is higher

silver content than 925

925 silver has greater strength, due to more copper than 980

silver, but 980 silver does not tarnish as much as 925 silver and 980 does have

softer matt glow than 925 silver

Both are popular, but the west prefers the stronger 925

silver and Asia prefers the softer 980 silver

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