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Natural Sapphire Rings are one of the worlds most popular gemstone ring for people of all ages and nationalities.

The sapphire can be gold or silver setting and white gold does compliment the sapphires with cluster settings of diamonds also.

In Australia, historians have recorded that Sapphires had been mined for over one hundred years.

Reports indicated that sapphires were discovered from 1851 on the Cudgegong as well as Macquarie rivers in New South Wales.


Sapphires are rare and quite expensive and are popular for engagement or wedding rings and Birthstone rings.


The most commonly known colour of Sapphire is blue, however other colours can also be peach, gold, clear, yellow, green or purple. Colours may also be mixed, better known at bi-colour sapphires of rainbow sapphires.


Countries like Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka are also major producers of Sapphires. These countries that have supplied commercial quantities of sapphire are being depleted of this

gemstone. Other countries that sapphire can be sourced are Kashmir, Madagascar, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria and Vietnam.


Sri Lanka is the world’s known source of the “blue” colour sapphire. Sapphire is in the variety of mineral corundum family and is one of the hardest of natural gemstones, Diamond being the hardest. Sapphire is a combination of oxygen sand aluminium.


 Very rare blue Kashmir sapphires are very popular because only a few were mined, and mines had stopped production in 1900.


The most important part of gemstone, like sapphire is its setting. The most precious mounting is platinum and gold. A well thought out mounting or jewellery design is so important to make sure it lasts a lifetime.

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