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Opal pendants are unique and nearly everyone is different in Opal formation may be likened to a different specific of climatic, geological and even some consideration of desert like conditions.

This reason opal pendants are so unique and in high demand

The colors were formed within the cracks which enabled silica rich solution to flow for the opals to form. Because of the formation of the opal color which presents itself to varieties of colors some of which were referred to as rainbow colors, some may be just blue, orange, purple, green, sunset orange, or multi colors.


There are different kinds of opals. The most popular is the solid black opal from Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia.  It has a distinct characteristic of a dark background (known as the black potch), therefore it enhances the color of the opal to shine. So when there’s a red color of opal and the background is dark or black, it is considered the most valuable.

Then there is the ‘black crystal’ opal. Some opals are formed light crystal colours but then if they have a dark or black background (dark potch) they can be considered valuable as well.

Opal pendant jewelry is very popular as some of the opal colors are “rolling” and are most effective in making them into pendants to show of the exquisite play of colors.

As there are no two opals are considered the same, each opal is unique!

Even in an opal ‘split” like twin opals - each split is different.

The ‘play of colors” in the opal itself defines the price.

The cut of the opal, normally oval shape, is normally enhanced with other stones like diamonds and other precious gemstones.

For more expensive opal pendant jewelry, the design is more elegant when its simply just showing off the opal by itself.

There is also The BOULDER OPAL, considered less expensive than the solid Black Opal, but with stunning colours.


Boulder Opals are commonly found in the State of Queensland, Australia.  Mostly found in the township of Winton and Quilpie.

The Boulder Opal has a layer of dark brown ironstone background. There are thin veins of colours in the fissures of the boulder as well as some brown spots on the top of the stone which gives it like a spotty or motley look, which gives it more of its own kind of characteristic.

The colour bar on the boulder opals are distinctively thin and some are undulating, that is why Boulder opals are cut and polished ‘freeform’ shape.

Opal pendants are made in gold or silver and from all opal fields from Ethiopian ,Mexican and also in opal triplet or doublet opal pendants


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