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Natural Moonstone Pendants – The most well known member of the feldspar group that has a distinct sheen in certain illuminated settings, which make the moonstone one of the most entrancing and magical stones in the world. Gemmologists have named this particular optical effect as the ‘adularescence’. 

The most renowned Moonstone is gemstone jewelry piece by Rene Lalique, a famous French Master goldsmith. This jewelry pieces are stored safely in museums and in heavily secured private collections. 

The colors of moonstone range from colorless to grey, mocha, yellow, orange, green, pink, blue and white. It’s commonly seen as a white with bluish lustre, or pale blue shine. 

Moonstone is found all over the world, however the largest and best quality deposits are found in Sri Lanka and India. Other sources of Moonstone are in Burma, Mexico, Madagascar, Canada, USA, Norway, Switzerland, Tanzania, Germany and Brazil. 

It is said that gifting your lover of this stone ensures harmony and continual love in the relationship. This stone honours Cerridwen, the Welsh Goddess of mindfulness and inspiration. 

Metaphysically it is said to be the stone of optimism and purity. It helps remove the constant striving for materialism, greed and feeding of the ego. Instead it promotes the enrichment of faith, belief, hope, motivation and removal of negative thinking. 

Physically it is said to aid with issues associated with females such as menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and hormones. It can help with connective tissue degeneration such as hair, skin and nails. It can aid with insomnia, absorption of nutrients and remove toxins through all detoxification organs. 

The astrological sign for Moonstone is Scorpio. It is the birthstone for those born in the month of June. It is said that Moonstone is for the crown chakra.  

The Moonstone is commonly cut into cabochon in order to enhance the sheen and it is rare to see faceted cuts. Also cutters need to be mindful of the correct orientation of the stone when cutting and shaping, because it essential to the achieving the maximum effect of the adularescence. 

The use of Moonstone in jewelry has been prevalent for centuries. It can be worn as earrings, pendants, rings and brooches. It is a feminine and elegant gemstone. It is very beautiful gift for yourself or a thoughtful gift for your friend, girlfriend, sister, mother or any significant females that would benefit from the beauty and metaphysical properties of this stone.