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Natural Kyanite Pendants – The name Kyanite originates from the Greek word ‘kyanos’ or ‘kuanos’ meaning blue. This stunning and alluring blue gemstone can also appear in various colors such as pale, white, grey, green, orange, yellow and different shades of blue. 

Some features that Kyanite has are the color of the stone is generally not consistent throughout, it has different color intensity zones, and it may also have lines or blemishes. 

Kyanite have been found worldwide, although the larger deposits are found in Brazil, Austria, Cambodia, Kenya, Russia, Tanzania, Myanmar, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and USA. 

Folklore says that nomads that travelled wore this gemstone to help discover new lands. 

Metaphysically it is said to help repair, revitalise and balance the body’s energy. It helps psychic abilities and communication with others. It can aid attaining a deep meditative state, ease past emotional trauma and also encourage rational thinking. 

Physically is it said to help issues with the adrenals, urinary system, the thyroid, brain, muscles, circulation and immunity. It can supposedly help with any pain in the body. 

The astrological sign for Kunzite is Taurus. It is the birthstone for those born in the month of May. Kunzite is special as it is regarded as a gemstone for the all the chakras. 

The stunning rich deep color of Kyanite is very alluring, which makes it a perfect choice for jewelry. Setting it as a pendant would be the best choice for an eye-catching impact. Setting cooler blues in gold would complement, as well as silver, platinum and rose gold.