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Natural Jade Pendants – Jade gemstone is found in a range of colors such as green, white, yellow, orange, pink, red, lilac, blue, grey and black. 

Jade is found worldwide such as Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Poland, New Zealand, Turkey, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Japan. Although larger deposits have been discovered in Burma, China, Russia and USA. 

The hardness of Jade make it a versatile material and it has been used for centuries for jewelry, royal costumes, sceptres, carved into ornaments, weapons and tools. 

The figurine of the Chinese goddess Quan Yin is created from Jade gemstone. Mythology of Quan Yin says she is the goddess of love and mercy, and possessing her figurine aids with disagreements, misinterpretation, hostility and quarrels. 

Metaphysically Jade is said to help attract love, balance all the chakras in the body, helps alleviate emotional issues whilst protecting and bring about blessings to the wearer.

Physically Jade has been said to remove issues regarding the reproductive system, fertility and childbirth. It can also aid with eliminating toxins, purify the blood and relax the nervous system. The astrological sign for Jade is Virgo and the birthstone for March. It is said that Jade is for the crown chakra. It is a great gift for you, a friend or family that would greatly benefit from the holistic aspects of this gemstone. 

There are various styles of Jade pendant available. There are Jade in bezel, bale, wire wrapped and drilled. The cuts differ from cabochon, faceted and carved, and the shapes differ from freeform, round, rectangle, square, teardrop, animals, Buddha, pendulum, and tooth.

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