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Natural Gold Nugget Pendants are an attractive pendant as the Gold nugget is natural shape, formed by millions of years.

 The gold miner found some unique formed nuggets ,and we have added gold bales making a Natural Gold Nugget Pendant.

Australian gold nuggets from the famous Bendigo or Kalgoorlie gold fields make the best gold nugget pendant.

Yukon gold makes nice gold pennants using alluvial gold in glass cylinder with cap so its easy to see the gold

Both gold fields are known for high gold purity, so its personal choice to have large or small gold nuggets and both males and females can wear these gold nuggets.

Alluvial gold is gold nuggets that have been washed down and tumbled in rivers and creeks.

These alluvial nuggets are smooth compared to nuggets found near the mother load that are sharper edges.

Necklaces can be gold or gold-plated chian and adjustable leather necklace and worn by both males and females