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Natural Gemstone Skull Pendants – Gemstone skull gemstones are popular and highly sought after worldwide. The shape of the skull is very symbolic. It doesn’t represent death however it does represent immortality and life. 

Each gemstone has their own holistic and metaphysical properties that are used for healing, relaxing and rejuvenating the wearer’s general vitality, energetic powers and chakras. 

For example Jasper gemstone skulls can help equalize one’s yin and yang energies. It also aids the confidence of the wearer and helps them speak their truth. Lapis Lazuli can help the wearer with clearness of the mind and honesty. It supports self-discipline, discipline and provide safety. Amethyst aids in clearing any spiritual blockages. Agate gemstone skull is a talisman and provides protection to the wearer. 

The history of the skills is believed to originate from Central America and the lost city of Atlantis. 

At Jewelry Auctioned, we have a selection of gemstone skull pendants to choose from. There are parcels and individual gemstone skulls with different colors and gemstones to suit your needs.