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Natural Coral Pendants – Having your very own coral fossil gemstone pendant is such a unique and amazing piece to add to your jewelry collection. It is an interesting organic gemstone and a great topic starter when showing to friends and family. 

Coral is a natural biological formation that grows in deep water over time with interesting structures and color. Coral is not harvested fresh for jewelry but a fossil that is no longer alive and can be up to 20 million years old. Being an organic stone, it is not very hard or durable. Which means it is suited for jewelry that can provide it protection such as a pendant. 

Coral fossil is found all over the world, although the more substantial sources are from Morocco, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Taiwan. The colors can range from pastel ivory tones to dark brown, white and black. The patterns are very interesting and can be small to large shapes with skeletal flower formations. 

In mythology, Coral fossil is associated with powerful and sacred energy. In ancient times, Gauls have worn this gem on their helmet for protection, whilst the Egyptians placed it inside the tombs to protect against evil energy and Roman children worn it as pendants to ward off evil. 

Metaphysically is said to be the stone for wisdom, happiness and humility. It is said to promote wealth, strength and success for the wearer. It eliminates fear, foolishness and anxiety. It can also help enhance meditation and visualisation. Physically it is said to aid with circulation, headaches, fevers, lungs, allergies and any reproductive issues. 

It is said Coral is for the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakra. It is the birthstone for April and for people born under the Aries, Pisces, Scorpio and Taurus zodiac signs. 

They are often cut into cabochons to enhance the pattern and color. It is often shapes into beads, freeform shapes, ovals, round or even as ornaments and sculptures. With such history and interesting pattern, having it as a pendant is a statement piece. It can be matched with earthy tone styles and is a considered a more thoughtful gift than other stones.