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Natural Charoite Pendants – Charoite is a beautiful lavender purple color with a mix of stunning patterns and swirls. Collectors and professional jewellers seek after the distinct color of Charoite. The formation of this beautiful stone is not completely understood although it is speculated that it was by limestone reacting with a combination of complex materials through intense heat and pressure.

Chariote was discovered in 1940 at the Charo River in Siberia, Russia. It is the only known place Chariote has ever been unearthed, which makes it a rare stone.

Metaphysically it is said to be the stone of transformation. It helps clean one’s chakra channels and the aura. It helps open the heart for love, gives courage and improves confidence. Physically Chariote is said to aid with sleep, reduce insomnia and eliminate nightmares. It can help with issues associated with the heart such as blood pressure and pulse rate. It can increase the healing process with liver damage, reduce pancreatic damage and also improve symptoms of bipolar and autism. 

It is said that Charoite is for the heart and crown chakra. It is the birthstone for November and people born under the Scorpio zodiac.

Charoite is best displayed in a polished state and is commonly cut in a cabochon shape or as a decorative carving. Due to its stunning patterns and variance in color, buying a matching pair will fetch for a higher price. It’s a great gemstone for pendants as it is durable in this setting. Purple is associated with royalty and is perfect stone for both men and women.