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Natural Chalcedony Pendants – Chalcedony is a beautiful gemstone that is from the quartz family. It is available in a variety of colors and it ranges from translucent to semi transparent opacity. The color of Chalcedony is dependent of the trace minerals such as iron, nickel, copper or titanium. The most predominant colors are blue, white, grey, yellow and brown.

The history of the name originates from the Grecian city of Chalcedon. They are typically found in volcanic environment, Chalcedony gemstones are mined all over the world. The larger deposits of Chalcedony have been found in the USA, Uruguay, India, Madagascar, Burma, Mexico, Brazil and Africa.

Metaphysically Chalcedony helps bring harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. It removes pessimistic thinking, emotions and unconstructive energy. Physically it is said to cleanse the body, help support mothers during lactation, enhance mineral absorption and eliminates diseases related to the mind such as senility and dementia.

The composition of Chalcedony is dense and tough, it’s also available in great quantity which makes is a popular choice for jewelry and ornamental pieces. The variety in color, patterns shapes and sizes are also great reasons as why it’s popular for both hobbyist and professional jewellers. Due to its durability, it’s resistant to wear and tear which makes it perfect for everyday use. A Chalcedony pendant is versatile to all types of styles such as classy, tribal, urban or traditional. It’s a great gift for women of all ages.