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Natural Calcite Pendants – Calcite is calcium carbonate and is the main constituent found in sedimentary rock especially limestone. The most common colors of calcite include white, yellow, green, orange, blue and pink. The colors of calcite are due to traces of iron, magnesium, zinc and cobalt.

The origin of the name Calcite derives from the Latin word ‘Calx’ and the Greek word “Chalix’ which translates to lime.

Calcite has been found in various places around the world. The larger deposits have been discovered in Brazil, Mexico, USA, Africa, Germany, India and England.

Calcite is a great gemstone option for pendants. It’s more commonly carved or faceted into different shapes such as ovals, cabochon, octagon, and other forms.

Each color of Calcite have their own metaphysical meanings. For example, Orange Calcite helps improve happiness and is the stone of protection. Red Calcite helps with detoxification, it’s grounding, removes negative emotions, improves sensuality and gives guidance to find love. Yellow Calcite improves overall wellbeing, improve intellect, remove negativity and brings good fortune. Green Calcite enhances immunity, calms the heart, balances emotions and brings about peace and joy. Blue Calcite opens all channels of communication, alleviate feelings of over burden, helps bring about patience and peace.

It is the birthstone for July and also the stone for all the chakras.

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