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Natural Apatite Pendants – In this pendant category you will find beautiful Apatite Pendants. One of the most admired gemstones due to its color likeness to the ocean, the extremely rare Apatite is found all over the world and is loved by many gemstone collectors and enthusiasts.

The sources of Apatite includes Burma, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, USA and Canada. Although if you seek the neon blue green hues, the can be found from the mines of Madagascar. The stunning blue greenish colors are highly sought after.

The origin of its name derives from the Greek word that translates to ‘cheat’. Due to its likeness to other stones. The value of Apatite is dependant mostly on the saturation of color. The higher intensity are most valued. Apatite is available in various shapes and sizes. Faceted, fancy cuts and cabochon are found in our variety of pendants.

Metaphysically Apatite gemstone is said to help with feeling of guilt, accepting others, improving self confidence, learning abilities and imagination. It helps inspire unconditional love, and enhance spiritual guidance.

Apatite pendant is a beautiful gift for those who love the colors of the ocean. Ideal for women of all ages, it will suit many styles. It can be worn with causal attire or complement a style in a more formal occasion.