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Natural Ammonite Pendants – If you are a mineral or gemstone enthusiast and lover of jewelry, you’ll love adding this piece of history in your collection. It is a fossil stone that is has been found in Madagascar, India and Alberta, Canada.

Now extinct, Ammonites are sea mollusc with spiralled shells. They existed in the Devonian period, which dates back between 215 - 240 years ago.

Mythology says that they were called ‘Snakestone’ in Ancient times as they aid in the protection of snake bites. It is said that Ammonite was used in Ancient Greece as a discus during the Olympics. In India they are identified with Vishnu, their God and was utilised in numerous ceremonies. The name Ammonite derives from the Egyptian God of life, Ammon. To which the shape of the Ammonite and Ammon’s ram horns strikes a very strong similarity.

Metaphysically, Ammonites are said to sooth the emotions, improve positivity, enhance the instinct, increase self confidence, balance the root chakra and balance thoughts and communication. Physically Ammonite is said to improve birthing pains, reduce pain and inflammation, promote healing within the connective issues, and reduce fatigue. It is said that Ammonite harmonises well with Malachite and Amber gemstones.

Natural Ammonite pendants are ideal for both men and women to wear. It is amazing to wear an ancient marine creature that existed so long ago. It’s a great gift for all ages.

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