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Natural Ametrine Pendants – In this pendant category you will find Ametrine Pendants. A beautiful stone with a combination of purple and yellow bands, Ametrine is a member of the Quartz mineral variety, which means it is durable and versatile for daily wear. The colour split is due to iron and silicon dioxide.

An interesting fact about Ametrine is that it’s only found in one area, the Anahi mine located in Bolivia. Originally discovered in the 17th century, Ametrine is still mined to this day. Although one day we fear that the supply of this beautiful gemstone may end, so we cherish and value every stone that has been discovered.

Metaphysically Ametrine is said to help balance the spiritual and physical aspect due to it duality formation by both Amethyst and Citrine. It’s said that it improves confidence in oneself. Physically, it is said that it helps with headaches, pancreas, aches and pains. Ametrine is the birthstone for February and November due to it’s similarity to Amethyst and Citrine. It's a perfect gift for a friend or loved one anytime of the year.