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Becoming a Verified Seller




All our sites have same process for verification from Opals,Gemstones.Jewelry and coins in that 20 positive feedbacks are required before the seller is Verified and seller has to prove that they are committed to this industry for long term business a swell as member of trade organization

APPLICATIONS TO BE A VERIFED  SELLER Verifed Sellers fees from 1st Jan 2010

LISTING FEE .50 PER LISTING FROM 1ST DECEMBER 2009 this is one off listing fee only

  OUR BEST PLAN Our most popular premium plans Basic plans

Gem Harlequin


Gem Opal

Star Opal

Base Opal


Monthly fee







Max active items 5000 1000 500 250 100 20
Commission on sale







Buy It Now items yes yes yes yes



Virtual store +$10/Month +$10/Month +$10/Month +$10/Month +$10/Month -
No Reserve items







Verified Seller yes yes yes yes yes yes
Homepage exposure yes yes yes yes



Videos on items yes yes yes yes



Free cross promotion on yes yes yes yes - -




To be verified seller on this SITE, you must:

  • Have a passion and knowledge for  gemstones
  • Be a member of a trade or jewellery organization
  • Offer wholesale prices not retail
  • Business and personal references to prove your established business and adherence to high business standards
  • To be approved by Gemstone Advisory panel
  • To abide by our Code Of Conduct

-          Seller’s fees: 10% on all sales due after 14th of the following month.  
- Monthly administration fees depend on membership level.
- No links are allowed on to your website or email address

-          Certified Gemstones to be only from a recognized Gemstone Laboratory

Sellers have to have 10 positive feedback and over 20 Listings before they are upgraded as a  Verified Seller  .

-Minimum fee is 0.50 cents commission on any sale  and once only listing fee of .20c


Sellers have agreed to our terms and conditions when registered.

To be verified Seller you agree to the following before listing.

Sellers have to high business principles and ethics and to abide by code of ethics of jewellers Ethics association 


Sellers have to abide by all Gemstone Sheriff Requests.

A request is when a buyer asks our Gemstone Advisory Panel or Gemstone Sheriff to check the listing accuracy of a gemstone auction. 

The seller must reply in 24 hours to buyer’s request 

Any seller not fully complying with a buyers request will have their account downgraded.

A seller who has THREE downgrades in 12 months will automatically be suspended. 

Downgrade applies to our sellers plans, so if seller doesn’t fully comply with a request their account will be downgraded so that they cannot list any more items till description is accurate.

1 Agree to list as per FTC guidelines

and also

2 Agree to post accurate descriptions and use correct categories and professional images 

IMAGES All images are to be taken by sellers or staff and if supplied from source photo must be termed GENERIC

No images with camera logo allowed or copy and paste from another site.

No images are allowed to be copied from other web sites

All images to be cropped 700 x 700 px,

If gallery image is Black based another image needs to be uploaded in different colour background.

Professional comments to be uploaded under Gallery image

3 Pay your fees by 16th of each month

4 Verified Sellers are not permitted to bid on family, their own or any related companies gemstones on GemRockauctions, but are permitted to bid on 3 rd party sellers that they have no connection with.


5 All sellers have an obligation to sell at whatever price NR$1 items sell for, regardless of the price received. 


  6  Highest Professional business standards to be practised by all  Verified Sellers 


7 Sellers to abide by all Gemstone Sherriff and Gemstone advisory panel requests


8 Sellers are not permitted to have links to other web sites or use email address or to purchase gemstones from sites like EBay as correct description or source verification is not accurate.

seller s agree to source verification to best of their ability to find out where gemstone was sourced and treatment if any.



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